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NWSA delivers a detailed overview of their tower worker certification program to OSHA

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In response to OSHA’s request for information regarding communication tower safety due by Monday, the National Wireless Safety Alliance provided an emphatic ‘yes’ to the agency regarding its question: Is there a need for a standardized, industry-wide training or certification program? Provided by NWSA consultant Chuck Slagle, a former Sprint EH&S executive, the safety alliance said, “The NWSA will standardize …

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Leading safety expert steps forward as the tower industry’s response to OSHA tanks

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Whereas an embarrassing majority of industry safety professionals and tower climbers, as high as 99% or more, have ignored an opportunity to assist OSHA in assessing current practices and ways that will result in lowering fatalities and injuries in tower construction and maintenance, an Illinois State University professor, Dr. Thomas P. Fuller, while traveling in France, took the time today to …

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Four new lawsuits claim tower owner and its engineer are liable in deaths and injuries

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UPDATE: June 9, 2015 – Wrongful death lawsuits have been filed on behalf of the administrators of Kyle Kirkpatrick and Terry Richard, both of Oklahoma, who were both killed when an SBA Communications tower collapsed on February 1, 2014, and personal injury lawsuits were filed on behalf of Randall McElhaney, of Texas, and Jerry Hill, of Oklahoma, who also sustained …

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Deputy Secretary Barab is busy in the background driving OSHA’s tower safety efforts

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Although Assistant Secretary of Labor David Michaels is frequently identified as the drive behind OSHA’s enforcement and regulatory emphasis for the wireless construction profession, Deputy Assistant Secretary Jordan Barab continues to champion the need to focus upon the industry, most recently, touching upon the thorny topic of when a subcontracted worker is injured on the job, who is ultimately responsible? …

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Industry’s 2015 fatality record still undecided as OSHA continues to investigate woman’s death

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Whether or not the industry this year is close to having no fatalities for the longest period of time since deaths have been accurately tracked since 2003 will not be known until the OSHA Austin, Tex. Area Office makes a decision as to whether a fatality near Eden was training related or an unauthorized climb of a tower technician’s girlfriend. …

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Former OSHA chief to discuss marijuana, e-cigarettes and other smoky things

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Edwin G. Foulke, Jr., former Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA, will be presenting a free webinar on Tuesday, June 9, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. EST to discuss marijuana laws since some states have now legalized medical marijuana and other have approved them for recreational use. Although federal law still considers all marijuana use to be illegal, there is a …

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Apathy abounds in the tower construction industry regarding potential safety rules

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Commentary — Last June, when OSHA floated the possibility that the agency was going to request information that would assist it in determining what additional steps it can take to prevent injuries and fatalities during tower work, some workers, employers, manufacturers and others had reservations about whether the RFI would address important tower safety issues, or be a pre-regulation proposal …

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OSHA cites wireless contractor with $114,800 fine following painter’s death

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The U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration has issued a $114,800 fine for an Indiana wireless contractor, which it charges did not provide adequate protection for a 49-year-old worker who fell about 90 feet to his death while painting a communication tower on August 10, 2014. Thomas Lucas of Toledo, Ill. fell 80 to 90 feet while painting a communications …