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  1. I am installing multiple 11GHz Point-to-Point licensed microwave
    data links for a project in ITU Rain Region "E". I allowed for
    a composite fade margin of 20dB through use of 4-foot dishes over
    a path distance of 4.3 miles. The path is mostly over water. Antenna height is 50 feet at one end and 120 feet at the other with clear line-of-sight. Does shooting over water at 11GHz have any impact on link quality?
  2. Jim Szalajeski

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    Depending on the distance away from the water edge, you may or may not run into path problems. This will probably be from multipath reflection due to the water.

    There are some path profile programs that will let you view this and play with antenna heights to reduce this problem to a minimum. The best thing to do is if your close to the water, is to try and keep your antenna just above the tree tops. This way you use the trees as a block from the reflections that hit near the antenna location. The further back from the water edge, the less this problem will show up.

    The other problem you will run into is fog. I had one path just north of New Orleans that we had to keep above about 150 feet. Below that, the fog would take out the 8 mile shot.


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