400' Self Supporting ANSI222G, Class II

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  1. marshall king

    marshall king Friend of the Community

    I am seeking a "budgetary" estimate of cost for foundation, structure, and erection for a 400 foot self supporting tower with minimal loading @ 800mhz, 1 MW dish for Florida soil.

    A ballpark figure is all I am seeking as this is for future budgetary estimates only.

  2. Robert Pac1

    Robert Pac1 Friend of the Community

    give me a call or email, i can quote you on the lift using the helicopter bob@midwesthelicopters.com
  3. Mike Rowlands

    Mike Rowlands Friend of the Community

    www.radiancorp.com 905-844-8837, ask for sales
    we do budgetary pricing, and about everything else you would need.
  4. Mike Rowlands

    Mike Rowlands Friend of the Community

    oops. 905-844-8837 is our fax.
    use 905-844-1242.

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