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    Hi Everyone,

    First post here (hopefully in the right section). I'm writing to ask input on how to get started in becoming a tower technician. The tower part seems well-covered enough, but the telecom component is the real heart of the job.

    I'm a rock and wall climber in my late twenties with some HAM background who works as a freelance web developer. I don't have electronics credentials on paper but I understand the quantum world enough to get radio. I'm wondering what you all would suggest for gaining such training and whether OTJ or apprenticeship opportunities exist in this field. I would prefer to take industry or vocational courses over community college if possible. I'm not thrilled with the idea of military training but I would enlist and take such opportunities if they seemed like a good route and I could avoid mortar fire.

    Also, if wind tower work seems like a shorter path I would be interested to know. Certainly it seems less technical in nature but the current is way higher...

    Andrew in Seattle
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    I had military radio experience and stage rigging experience when I entered the industry, but today I would recommend an entry level job with a contractor who trains for tower work using a NATE certified training curriculum (Comtrain is industry standard, but Gravitech and Vertical Systems, Inc provide a good knowledge base as well) Typically the expense should be borne by your employer. Most major carriers require certification to work on their sites. Andrews and PPC provide connector training (most important skill for a first time antenna rigger after fall arrest) again, cost for this should also be covered by employer as these certs are required by most clients. This training is costly and I wouldn't recommend acquiring these on your own unless cost is no object.
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    Use some of the advantages you gained in the military to your best advantage. Go to school, start a business, lead others. Don't become a $10 an hour climber that's pushed around by the industry to meet their schedule and profit goals. Save the climbing for el Capitan and enjoy your life and all of the opportunities you have in front of you. Watch PBS Frontline story online if you missed it.
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    Make sure you read the headlines first.
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