Against the T-Mobile merger? You betcha!

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    Minnesota Senator Al Franken is urging the FCC to pull the plug on the proposed merger between AT&T and T-Mobile. The left leaning Democrat says it would make a bad marriage and prices would skyrocket.

    He may have a point since he's one of the few senators who knows how to make a marriage work.

    Married to Franni since 1975, Franken, says the merger would be a major step towards the creation of an entrenched duopoly in the wireless industry.

    The former satarist actually composed a 24-page letter to the DOJ and FCC and refrained from trying to slip in one joke such as: "In 2012 the U.S. will be celebrating 235 years of independence. That's about equivalent to the number of years it will take one of my kids' to pay off his AT&T bill from last month."

    Aside from the possibility of increased monthly bills, I believe the merger will affect the tower siting and construction community.

    American Tower and Crown Castle's chiefs say no. They even said it was good for their companies and the industry at large.

    Duh! Would they come out and say it wasn't?

    It's their major client. It would be like HTC and Motorola funding a study whose sole purpose was to identify that texting was a major cause of carpal tunnel syndrome.

    When there are only two major outlets in any industry, everyone suffers. But as it's touted in Washington, may the best lobbyists with the biggest wallets win.

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