AM Radio Lighting Question

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  1. Doug Woehler

    Doug Woehler Friend of the Community

    I am not the expert on this topic, however I would contact Mike Marly with Unimar. It is my understanding they have overcome this technical issue.
  2. Greg Crafton

    Greg Crafton Friend of the Community

    Anyone ever had a problem with lighting on the daytime hot tower? I have a 7 array in New Orleans that I have tried everything I know to keep the beacon flashing and the best I have been able to do is a week before it becomes constant again (50k watts).
  3. Jim Swartos

    Jim Swartos Friend of the Community

    Hi Greg,

    If you contact SSAC they will be able to help you. They supply solid state flasher units. Usually all you need is an extra capacitor across a couple of contacts. I have successfully solved this problem at two 50Kw stations.


    Jim S

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