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Discussion in 'Civil Related Discussions' started by Marc Turner, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Marc Turner

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    I have a 265' lattice tower in NY for which we need to reinforce the piers. The issue is that we can only have the live AM radio tower shut down at night and getting all 3 piers excavated, caged and poured 1 foot wider, 7 feet deep, will most likely require a crane attached somewhere in the middle for support. Is there a way to add supports to the legs, and possibly excavate and pour one pier at a time, without requiring a crane? This would allow the radio station to stay on air during the day at least and save us a ton $$$. If you are a company that thinks they can do this please email me at Thanks, Marc
  2. Mike Brant

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    I would think your installation options would be strongly related to the reason for pier upgrade. I assume this is because of some added antenna loading, but what is the failure mode for the current foundation? Is it a shear load problem, an uplift problem, or a bearing pressure problem? If you are working with an engineer, you also may have him take a look at the actual service loading of the tower, as this differs drastically from the design loading. You may be able to do something such as you suggest in a case where you are able to make the repairs to each pier over the course of a day or two when the actual weather forecast predicts lower wind speeds. But here you would have to make sure that all work could be completed during the prescribed timeframe and when the winds would not exceed whatever the engineer would believe to be safe.
  3. Tim Kearns

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    Marc the structural engineer should be able to prescribe a preferred method of excavation, we have done guy anchor upgrades where the engineer has called for excavation and concrete addition on all 4 sides of the anchor foundation, without ever considering the repercussions of removing all of the skin friction. We had to offer an option that utilized a three sided pour, and then a cold joint for the fourth side. If you are on a pad and pier type foundation, the execution of your upgrade should be fairly simple, but may need to be performed in three stages, depending on the existing load on the foundation, if it is on caissons, the process will be pretty much the same, depending on soil conditions and foundation depth, it could be feasible to upgrade all three at one time.

    Good luck. If you have any questions feel free to call,

    Tim Kearns
    T2K Companies, LLC
    Syracuse, NY
  4. John Sandford

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    What did you eventually do with the foundations?

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