AM Tower Won't Fall Down

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    We went to demolish (3) 60 year old 245 foot AM towers. They were three different types. Tower 1 was a 24" face thin pipe leg with the same material for horizontals about every 4 feet. It had one rebar welded in for climbing rungs in between each horizontal. Tower 3 was a typical angle iron tower with about a 3 foot face. Tower 2 was a Windcharger with an 18" face. Single anchor each direction out about 60% of height. Everything is flat, angle legs, angle and strap horizontals and diagonals. The tower was standing on an insulator. The temperature was 38-42 degrees and winds were WNW 18-30 MPH. Tower 2 had to be dropped to the NW. Tower 1 and 3 came down just as planned, but tower 2 was propped up by the wind for a minute and 45 seconds before it fell over.

    It is truly bizarre to see a tower have one complete guy direction cut loose and remain standing. A minute and 45 is long enough to stand there and begin to wonder, "Now what?" As you watch the video, the anchor is cut right after the tower 2 video appears. You see the initial shake and then it recovers and stands back up and wobbles a bit. It leans into the wind and then straightens back up a time or two, then slowly falls over. The video is playing at 3x normal to emphasize the movement, but in real time it stood for 1 minute 45 seconds. Depending on your playback screen you might be able to see the guys on the left side, they really tell the story.

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