An important be careful of low price caveat

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    A competitive rate should be analyzed carefully. Some insurers are unstable and have less than satisfactory ratings from the various rating agencies. Insurance companies can fail or cease to operate due to inadequate financial capabilities, competitive forces, or changing fundamentals in their marketplaces. Compare the following credit ratings with your insurance company's rating which can be found by visiting:<a href="" target="_blank">Standard & Poors</a>. Ratings from "aa" to "ccc" may be enhanced with a "+" (plus) or "-" (minus) to indicate whether credit quality is near the top or bottom of a category. Companies should make sure that the insurance carrier they are with has at least an A rating and that the insurance agent has a good reputation in their respective community Long-Term Credit Ratings Investment Grade Non-Investment Grade aaa (Exceptional) bb (Speculative) aa (Very Strong) b (Very Speculative) a (Strong) ccc, cc, c (Extremely Speculative) bbb (Adequate) d (In Default) Not all carriers, tower owners, management firms and other clients contracting with wireless contractors monitor the firm's insurance carrier's rating and are being exposed to questionable coverage. Although compliance is increasing, full conformity is several years away.

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