Andrew Tower-mounted BIAS-T "Warranty" Weatherproofing Revisits

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  1. Steve Jones

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    Over the past year, we've encountered an unusually-high number of warranty revisits to replace top jumpers on T-Mobile "RRU" sites (Tower-Mounted 3G FRIA radios, with one jumper from radio to antenna, another from radio to BIAS-T to antenna--3 jumpers total per sector).

    • Per customer spec, we have been using "fusion tape" to weatherproof 1/2" jumper connections on everything but the mainline connectors.
    • We're thinking it's a quality control issue on our part, but every revisit has involved water in the jumper connectors at the BIAS-T only, which raises some questions regarding the actual/possible cause.
    • BIAS-T is an Andrew model ATSBT-TOP-RF (FF?). This seems to be a physically well-designed component with long ports that are easily weatherproofed. It has an AISG/RET port for the cable between it and the antenna.
    Has anyone else had a problem with this type of weatherproofing failing at this model BIAS-T? We're traditionally very good on the quality side and are having trouble believing it's simply a quality-control issue from our personnel who have a good track record in this area. To prevent future revisits of this nature, we have begun replacing the jumpers and weatherproofing them with traditional tape/butyl. ***Perhaps this model BIAS-T is heating up the fusion tape and causing it to fail?
    My main concerns are 1. To notify the customer that they will need to change their specification to require tape/butyl weatherproofing on these BIAS-T connections, and 2. Avoid further warranty costs for an issue that, at this time, can only be traced back to faulty weatherproofing installation. *I am in no way trying to blame the manufacturer or the customer for this issue.
    I plan to follow up with Andrew to see if they have any operating temperature specs on this component.
  2. tracy wampler

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    well i have found that the 3m electrical splicing tape is about the only thing i trust.all the others dont seam to have the stick to keep creeping moisture out.

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