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    The unnamed executive from a major unnamed training company states only qualified climbers and companies should be working on nTelos or any other tower owners’ sites; where qualified climbers and companies is code for NATE members.

    There is absolutely no research which indicates Tower Climber Safety and Rescue certification, OSHA 10, OSHA 30, or any other certification for that matter, has any impact on safety or fatality rates! For all their bluster, these are the same guys who refuse to provide information on whether or not those who died between 2003 – 2011 ( list) where certified by their companies and at what level. The information would permit rudimentary analysis and my lead to the construction of a substantial and valid survey to study the subject.

    Nearly all Tower REIT’s require contractors’ climbers to have Tower Climber Safety and Rescue certification. MasTec Network Solutions requires all climbers to be Tower Climber Safety and Rescue and OSHA-10 certified yet the deaths continue.

    In the ten years I operated in the sector we had seven climbers and even though we were not required to file OSHA 300/301A’s we recorded none, zero, zip, nada events requiring first aid let alone any lost time or fatal accidents and no one in the company was certified in anything.

    Third party training companies typically have no specialized credentials in safety or training and with minor exception most programs of instruction are not accredited certified by outside agencies.

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