Anyone know how many climbers there are?

Discussion in 'Breaking and Other News Comments' started by Jimmy Colbert, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Jimmy Colbert

    Jimmy Colbert Industry Observer

    The latest number of tower climbers provided by PCIA has the amount at around 14,000, but they're saying that's a guess. Anybody got any better info? Does NATE track it?
  2. Jeremy C

    Jeremy C Friend of the Community

    I believe the short answer to your question is no... Nate can only track their members and the problem everyone has come across when trying to gather a proper number of climbers is that there are so many with different job titles and functions that may climb periodically and then some everyday. When looking across the industry itself there are also so many companies that either are so small or operate very quietly that would effect the overall number that a true accurate number I believe is impossible. In the past I have seen wireless estimator make an estimation and people quoted it all over the industry as fact and I personally believe that number to be more accurate. Craig's guess was around 5000 in the United States (correct me if I am wrong Craig). 14000 seems largely irrational unless you are considering the world???

    Again all this is just my opinion.
  3. Wireless Estimator

    Wireless Estimator Administrator Staff Member

    Our study in 2006 was 9,800, Jeremy. We will be publishing a new estimate after 16-months of research and analysis on February 17, 2015. We've identified a tower climber as someone who climbs with a degree of regularity in the performance of their work; in short, a crew member, even if part of their work week requires other project duties that don't include working on elevated structures. When the study is published, we'll certainly welcome the industry's comments.

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