Anyone Train new Guys?

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  1. James_USA

    James_USA Friend of the Community

    Just want to know if people train new guys to climb
  2. Chris "Hey Man" W

    Chris "Hey Man" W Friend of the Community

    Actually there are quite a few facilities as well as companies willing to train . I myself received such training not long ago. I have also heard rumor that some companies are starting up a training programs. this means they will pay you to go through climbing "school" . you get an hourly wage and expenses paid to just simply learn . now this also means you have to show them you really want to do this otherwise I am sure they will "cut" you before "school" is completed . I mean why would they get someone certified if they don't believe they are going to be around a while . the training is costly and so are hotels. anyway I went to get certified in Kentucky just south of Ohio . cannot remember the company name but Jessie (instructor) was great. he was full of knowledge and willing to share and he was genuinely interested in seeing us succeed . Hope this helps you , BE SAFE !!!
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  3. Rob F.

    Rob F. Friend of the Community

    We train in-house so we can incorporate our standard policies and practices with the all-encompassing regulations.
  4. Chris "Hey Man" W

    Chris "Hey Man" W Friend of the Community

    Rob ,
    Hey man, That is actually one of the most intelligent practices I have heard about and quite honestly it seems par for the course being as that everything I have learned about the industry has been on the job. Also it seems that all of the people i know that work in this industry, with very few exceptions, have trained that way as well . I am not quite sure why more companies don't adapt this practice Out of pure curiosity what company do you work for? I work for High Elevation Rescue & Maintenance , We are a fairly small company that specializes in troubleshooting , though there are occasions that we do other work but that is at this moment our main gig . hope to hear from you brother BE SAFE!!
  5. Rob F.

    Rob F. Friend of the Community

    I work in the public sector.
  6. GaryB

    GaryB Friend of the Community

    Do you know of any companies in North Carolina, preferably in Charlotte area, that are willing to train a new employee?
  7. TheBaldEagle

    TheBaldEagle First Time Poster


    Would you mind giving me a call when you have a chance?

    I'd like to chat about the climbing school concept.

    Dan. (469) 247-5051
  8. zot64

    zot64 Friend of the Community

    great idea, someone with some love and care for who they train would be nice too.
  9. Towerjim

    Towerjim Friend of the Community

    Check out the NATE Tower Climber Standard. It's the closest thing we have to a National Training Protocol for Tower guys.
  10. PhilPro

    PhilPro Friend of the Community

    Most companies, prior to you climbing should be looking for two things, either that you have already successfully completed a Competent Climber Safety course OR when they can schedule you into an "in-house" training course. A good company should be educating you BEFORE putting you into a hazardous environment. Also, you can always take it upon yourself to spend the money and demonstrate your initiative to learning and wanting to be in the industry by signing yourself up for a local ComTrain training course or any other training program such as Gravitec etc - typically a hiring company will still and should still put you through their own training program though to familiarize you with their own policies and procedures......cheers!
  11. J_Sears

    J_Sears Friend of the Community

    We conduct a full week of training for experienced tower guys, and a 2 week course for "green" guys...full tower climbing school along with other safety courses (OSHA 10, First Aid/CPR, etc.)
  12. AlwaysAlert

    AlwaysAlert Friend of the Community

    So what is the name of the training company? This would help?
  13. J_Sears

    J_Sears Friend of the Community

    this is all conducted in-house by our trainers and safety team.
  14. AlwaysAlert

    AlwaysAlert Friend of the Community

    I get that part but "WHO" is the "in house"? "WHO" is the company that does this training? I'm sorry if I've missed it somewhere!
  15. J_Sears

    J_Sears Friend of the Community

    I (Safety Coordinator) actually train the OSHA and CPR portion, our quality manager is a Certified Comtrain Instructor who teaches the tower training both in class and on the tower, he also teaches some quality standards classes.

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