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Discussion in 'Climbing Towers' started by Chris Lamb, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Chris Lamb

    Chris Lamb Friend of the Community

    I am new to the world of tower installations, but was curious if anyone had an apprentiship program. I know a lot of union jobs (not sure if tower work is union) has these programs. I am willing to pay for my own training and equipment, just wish to get some time on towers to see if I want to make a career change. Would love to tag along with some companies in the area. I am acclimated to working at heights. PLease respond if any of this is available in the SC area.
  2. Sean Schriver

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    Hey Chris,

    You're not alone. I live in WI and am seriously looking to work on Cell towers and/or broadcast antenna in my area (Racine/Kenosha/Milwaukee SE Wisc.) I have taken wind turbine repair and tower climbing classes but am looking at comm towers for better job opportunities. I really think I will enjoy this work. I have seen a posting for tower apprentice before. I want to say it was American Tower, SBA, or maybe Crown Castle. Don't remember what state the job was in. I can't seem to find any job posting for tower climber or techs in WI. I had to drive around to different cell and antenna sites I saw on the road and get tower Co. names to look up and apply to. No luck yet but it's only been a week.

    If you want a job I think you're gonna have to reach out and take it. Seems like in this industry, no one is handing out anything.

    Good luck and hope you find it!

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