Are copper thefts encouraged by police reports?

Discussion in 'Electrical/Telco/Grounding' started by towerman, Sep 6, 2011.

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    Tower owners and tenants complain about the high amount of copper thefts that occur on tower sites, but they may be their own worst enemy. You ran an article where ATT stated that someone had stolen 30 grand worth of modules from a COW.

    Don't you think that by them telling police that it was that high that it will get other wack jobs to attempt to take components, not knowing that they will never find an outlet to sell them?

    ATT should have just reported the theft at $500 and it would have the same grand theft results in that state and others for punishment if the person was caught.

    The corporate heads should wake up and realize that you can collect the actual amount from your insurance carrier even if it doesn't agree with the police report.

    It's the same way with copper thefts. The papers pick up the police report that the theft was $2,000 for a couple of stolen ground bars. Not true. That cost includes the installation charges, but again crack heads get excited when they believe that they might get a third of that from a junk dealer.
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    $2,000? How about $200,000 from a TV tower in PA. This may be a record. Now you know that this has got to attract the attention of other people that see big bucks in copper thefts. Here's the article.

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