Article regarding Prince & Associates Clovis Prince CEO legal problems Jan 2011

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    I am a former employee of P&A Real Estate one of Prince & Associates companies. I just read an article regarding Clovis Prince written for this site back in January 2011.

    I must say the spin placed on it sounds a bit like a plant straight from the notes of the prosecution but nevertheless.... What was most disturbing to me was the complete disregard for a few key facts surrounding the whole situation.

    I worked inside this company for a couple of years on the real estate side of things and I must add this to your minutia of factual information... There were hundreds if not thousands of employees and I am including subcontractors who worked for that group of companies over the years as early as 1997 in my awareness.

    They had an enormous amount of business. It was nobody's imagination that they were working on all those cell sites and in all the restaurants in all those states for all those years.

    Also, I do resent your referring to the hotel project as if it were some figment of Clovis Prince imagination. The hotel project was my responsibility and the reason I was hired.

    It was legitimate right down to the franchise agreements and was complete down to the plans & permitting to turn dirt. Funding was pulled in 2008 just like every other big real estate deal starting into that down turn.

    I can only assume you or your source is a licensed psychiatrist and are credentialed to give a diagnosis of some emotional disorder Clovis Prince suffers from since you so confidently stated such in your article.

    But what I do know for a bonafide first hand fact is that P&A's corporate attorney Nicole Taylor was as unethical and narcissistic (if that's how you spell it) as they come. I worked very closely with her on a day to day basis and socialized with her on a personal level on occasion also.

    It is my opinion deduced from our professional and personal dealings she would say or do just about anything including lying and cheating to get what she wanted.

    She knowingly, willfully and without coercion misrepresented information to potential creditors and double pledged company assets in her attempts to attain funding for some of the company's endeavors.

    Clovis Prince trusted this so called counsel and after brief explanations would sign what she shoved in front of him often times without fully knowing what it contained like most CEO's do.

    The legality or should I say illegality of her actions were beknownst only to her most often until it all came to light in this trial.

    If someone directed her to do something illegal her fiduciary responsibility to the company was to keep its dealings legal and perhaps tell them NO. I do not think Prince was the most learned about corporate laws and structures at the time but she certainly was.

    That is why she was hired. She did just the opposite and the deaf dumb and blind court played just that to the actions of this attorney and shielded her from any culpability for what she did.

    A couple of things she admitted to doing while working there were illegal so why this judge or jury would believe anything from this attorney is beyond me. Amazing to me.

    For example, I recall an occasion I questioned her actions about a particular piece of restaurant business.

    She smugly answered with the attitude, and I Quote!!! "They (the banks/lenders) don't know any different. The companies are different entities they won't ever know." She spoke as if she was proud of the fact that she'd been able to keep the left hand not knowing what the right hand was doing.

    When I asked her if what she had done was legal she admitted to me "not really"!!! I asked her was she crazy, bankers talk to each other just like lawyers talk to each other. I asked her why would she do such a thing and jeopardize the company and what's worse herself and her reply was "I don't know."

    That is when I knew I had to leave that company. What kind of corporate attorney knowingly orchestrates his or her company into such peril!!! She used the P&A relationships with the banks to get her personal loans also. She couldn't get them any other way since her personal finances were in a shambles.

    Furthermore the banks that did the lending should be hung out to dry for lending way over the value of a business, project or piece of land to anyone. It is their responsibility to check credit worthiness of a borrower and the companies they lend to and to appraise what they lend against BEFORE they lend.

    Did you ever ask yourself why they would do this??? Because they liked him? Come on... They should be on trial for lending without due diligence alone. Another bad real estate loan they probably pushed off on the TARP and collected on and continuing to waste taxpayer money on legal fees and misusing the bankruptcy courts to attempt to harass and criminalize any and everyone even loosely associated with Prince and this mess and shift all the blame for the results of a bad economy and their irresponsible lending habits.

    Perhaps Clovis Prince has grand ideas of himself or some other emotional issue, I'm no psychiatrist, but they overlooked a criminal in this mess. His low life, unethical and amoral corporate attorney.

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