Assuming it?s a water-based paint can dampen profits

Discussion in 'Managing Projects and Business Issues' started by Jimmy Colbert, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. Jimmy Colbert

    Jimmy Colbert Industry Observer

    A number of years ago we had a turn key that required the 300-foot self supporter to be painted.

    We get a call from the customer that our crew wasn?t using the right paint. We told them almost all tower painters use SW. However, in the specs it called out a two-part epoxy system. Three sections were already painted on the ground.

    We had to sand blast the steel and apply the new Tnemic coat that had a pot life that was terribly short. We tried to get an approved equal, but they wouldn?t allow it.

    I?d like to say it was buried in the fine print, but it wasn?t and we just overlooked it since it was a very large government project where we were supplying everything and we concentrated on the elaborate grounding and other specifications that are not normally in a tower bid.
  2. John Sandford

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    Tnemec is some pretty pricey stuff. I think it's around $125 a gallon for the two part.

    I'm suprised they allowed you to sandblast it off since that must be pretty hard on the galvanizing. I've found to really get paint off you have to have 3500 to 4500 PSI, enough to take fingers and toes off if you're not careful.

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