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  1. I am not sure how good you could see or if it would be cost effective but here is a thought. I cant remember the name of the company but they do satellite images. For a fee I am sure.
  2. Rodney Ward

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    Anybody have information on the use of remote cameras to visually inspect a tower in remote locations? Possibly to visually confirm lighting is functioning or grounds are not overgrown, etc. This could be a supplement to a quarterly or annual inspection.
  3. Russ  "HAWK" Bowles

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    I agree on the *concept* of a remote camera for visual confirmation; however in my experience in repairing and lens cleaning (twice yearly)that the Cameras used --Traffic style have proven to be unreliable as they regularally require repair for some reason or another -not to mention the lenses do require frequent cleaning with alcohol. In winter depending on location the units have a tendancy to freeze up --which happens to be when most lighting fails. I wish the cameras were more reliable and real time linked so that in addition to the purposes you stated that they could be used for a lot more such as supervising contractors and loss prevention -damage to equipment and shelters by vandals etc. In Addition to reduced insurance rates for sites with this a Backup when lighting alarms fail.
    Not to mention catching cool photos of live lightning strikes and the consequences to the tower/equipment -antennas and lines.
    Russ "Hawk" Bowles
  4. Russ  "HAWK" Bowles

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    The satellite photo site is there is a free version
    then the plus version = 20 yearly then there is the commercial
    version = 400 yearly --photos can be set to true north and using a
    protractor one can accurately set azimuths where a normal compass
    or a theodolite and 71/2 minutes map are impractical such as
    major city rooftops etc --Cingular desires this method is my understanding, however, using this is relatively a NEW practice.
    Regards, Hawk

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