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Discussion in 'Climbing Towers' started by LynEstelles, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. LynEstelles

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    Hello all,

    I'm well aware that pay can vary from person to person depending on special circumstances, but what are the average pay rates for warehouse prep, tower hands, top hand, and foreman?
  2. Bob Reed

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    Sub standard as in any service industry job now a days. If every one would get together and set a standard for their workers and stop putting all the money in their pockets we would have less accidents and better results.
  3. James Roll

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    Very well said. Definitly, the one with his life at risk should have pay compairable to the one who points fingers with his job at risk.
  4. Northwest Wireless

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    it depends on several factors; location, cost of living, level of unemployment in the area, availability of skilled personnel who can actually do the job. all of those play into what the market rate is for people. I have seen greenhand climbers start at minimum wage while other companies have started them a little better. You are not going to get someone who lives in New York city to work in a warehouse for 10 bucks an hour, but you might if it is somewhere in Louisiana where the cost of living can be much less.

    Check with your local state employment office, they should be able to help you with the numbers.
  5. Bob Reed

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    So how do you explain a guy that lives in a trailer trying to make money to feed his family in LA. working in Manhatten for $10 an hour when a guy from New York is working on a building site right next door for $20 an hour + benefits. Plus the fact that tower work for any carrier is based on a bid. Some companies pay their employees and some don't. If you win a $200,000 tower job The carrier does not care what you pay or who you pay, or where they come from. Standards are non exististant so the normal cry would be get out of the buisness unless you are an owner that enjoys raping your staff
  6. Bob Reed

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    Read my answer down on page if you can get out of the buisness while you can I used to own a very profitable company until the standards dropped and the carriers got wise to all the fluff going to the owners and not the employees and started reducing the price they would pay for a job I paid my employees very well and when there was no work they got paid. Thjer is no room for americanism in this buisness.

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