Avian Mortality and New FCC Rules for Towers

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    I am very much in favor of new rulemaking in regards to Avian Mortality and Tower Structures; however, my opinions are not based on statistics, they are actually quite selfish.

    I don't think a valid study has been made in regards to the actual number of mortalities of birds involving collisions with towers or other matters that effect the mortality of birds in regards to towers, but that doesn't matter since I favor strict new rulemaking in that regard because it will very positively affect the business of tower service companies such as myself.

    I personally have been performing Tower Service functions on mainly tall TV broadcast towers since 1966 and I have seen hundreds of dead birds laying around tower sites for years, so what the Avian experts are saying about bird mortalities does have some validity, but in all fairness I have also seen hundreds of dead birds laying on the side of the interstate and other highways in America and abroad.

    I would specifically mention WSMV & WSM TV & AM towers in Nashville, TN where I have met and talked with bird experts in the scientific fields that have studied bird mortality at those two sites for years and would hope someone from the Vanderbilt university bird studies group has been contacted in this regard, they have extensive data that has been kept over the years.

    So to state my point, I would favor the FCC making restrictions on tower heights, on type make and model of towers, and also requiring changes to lighting requirements on any and all towers since this will be a windfall of additional work for everyone such as myself in the tower service industry and it doesn't really matter what impact it will have in millions of dollars of additional expenses and costs to the consumers which will be passed down by the major cell phone and internet carriers and other broadcast groups. It doesn't matter what it costs taxpayers anyway; after all, the birds were here first and we probably should have not built all those towers in their flight paths anyway.

    By the way, all those Avian experts should call up the FCC on their cell phones and or use their Blackberries at Starbucks coffee or the airport by way of wireless to express their thoughts about how terrible it is that all these birds are dying in collisions with towers that are carrying the signals that they are using to make that call or send that Blackberry email to the FCC.

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