Avian mortatility info accuracy concerns

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    If us nature lovers, bird watchers, bird hunters, bird feeders, and tower workers are concerned about loss of life of the flying bird species due to collision with communication type structures, I would have thought by now we would have recognized it as a problem years ago since we as lovers of the outdoors are the ultimate "on tower site" visitors and experts. Speaking only for myself with 32 full time tower service years plus 8 (younger) part time tower years of exposure to the resident birds and millions of annual migratory birds which bless the general geographical vicinity of the Great Plains States twice each year, I can count upwards of 4 to 5 birds that I can recall finding dead due to obvious collision with communication structures when I have been on a tower site.

    By doing the math, that is 1 dead bird found I find on an average of every 10 years after visiting an approximate average of 500 communication tower sites per year in the Minnesota, Dakotas & Montana flyways (some years have been over 1,000+ tower sites I have visited per year replacing tower lights, climbing inspections, etc.) multiplied by my 32 years of (full time) tower site "visits", equals an estimated and approximate personal visual confirmation of one confirmed dead bird every 5,000 tower "visits" in one of the heaviest known populations of flying birds (migratory & otherwise) in the USA. I have never met or been interviewed by a professional or non-professional dead bird counter at a tower site or any other location in my life. This fact makes me concerned that dead bird count "accuracy" by others with relationships to towers in this region of the USA is non-existent.

    Kevin Reski, President
    Great Plains Towers, West Fargo, ND

    PS: I personally find and bury approximately 20 to 30 dead (non-migratory) birds which fly into windows and die at our home each year. This post script data is volunteered for those good meaning people, fellow nature lovers (or their councils) that find it necessary to start legislation to board-up or paint over the 28 windows on my house.

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