Avoid Ring Conflicts And A Lawsuit

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    Some tower owners want antennas to be installed on the water tower's painter's ring. Since the rings are used to access portions of the tank and also used to support the articulated ladder while painting the ball, the upper ring cannot be obstructed. The lower ring is a walking surface for workers and for safety reasons cannot be obstructed just as ladders cannot be hindered with cables. If an injury or death occurs as a result of an obstruction, it can create a liability for the owner. More importantly, however, it could possibly have been prevented.
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    I personally in my 14+ years have encountered this very practice of obstruction and would most definately agree with the author on this issue. I feel this is a short cut practice that should be avoided at all costs.

    Safety for workers should not be compromised as injuries have and will continue when short cutting is practiced.
    Climbing ladders additionally are not cable ladders which has been abused on some sites that a crane had to be used just to gain access since the ladder was no longer climbable in any fashion.

    In addition some guyed towers have become virtually unclimbable as well. Example: Mount Freedom Tower in New Jersey a Guyed H Tower where Cables fill both legs in and out and no climbing face is free!

    I label that tower as a Hazard as to gain access one would literally have to FREE climb cables to gain access or once again use a crane.
    Short cutting may save money in the beginning but in the long run has a tendancy to cost more project-wise and liability-wise.
    I would recommend Stud Welding by a Competant contractor with a crew of the same. Done right - damage to lining should be avoided. However stud welded mounts are intended to support the mast and antenna -- not personnel.
    So proper safety procedures should be adhered to. Russ "Hawk" Bowles

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