AWEA's alliance program deserves watching by NATE

Discussion in 'Wind Energy Construction Discussions' started by Vizsla, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Vizsla

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    AWEA just announced that they have formed an alliance program with OSHA focusing upon fall hazards and other areas.

    It sounds similar to an alliance a number of years ago that NATE formed with OSHA. I'm wondering if the wind energy people will see the same end results that NATE saw?

    You work with them to make the industry safer and then they want more and more.

    In NATE's case it was called a partnership. Maybe OSHA doesn't use that term anymore because it appears that OSHA wants you to be a silent partner.

    NATE should keep in touch with AWEA so that information can be shared regarding OSHA.

    AWEA safety concerns and programs for their erectors are fairly new and they can certainly benefit from NATE's experience with education and training to make wind energy workers safer.
  2. Tammy Stoner

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    From my self-learned understanding of the communication industry history, AWEA and NATE have much in common already, both started out with good intentions of looking out for and representing their own kind, only to turn on those who founded them to represent the best interest of large corporation and big money.

    As described in a different thread there are two different wind industries, large and small. After AWEA sold out small wind and the little people who supported them, DWEA (distributed wind energy association) was formed in fall of 2010 by the little people and is who you want to keep an eye on if you have an interest in small to mid size wind and industry safety. I only wish Icould share the big safety news about to be released by the small wind industry in the next two weeks. Both AWEA & OSHA will have some catching up to do.

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