Bird Deaths In Texas

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    I live in Azle, Texas and own and operate a small business, my main business is a 500 foot tower. This tower has a four foot face and a total of 27 guy wires. It is a daily occurrence to see the two Hawks that make my tower home fly in and around the tower and guy wires, it almost looks like a game to them!

    After watching my tower and the surrounding property for the last 8 years I find it hard to believe there is a problem with bird deaths.

    Since my tower was erected in 1998 I have found a total of three dead birds, all doves. I obviously might have missed a few but not many.

    There are as many birds killed by cars each day as there are by towers, are we going to go back to the horse and buggy days? I don't think so!

    Paul Finch
    Azle Communications
    Azle, Texas

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