Bird Deaths Noted in Past 24 Years

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    Simply put, in 24 years of working towers I have seen maybe 8 dead birds due to a collision with guy wires or towers.

    In the same 24 years I have hit maybe 50 while driving, seen maybe 10 hit my windows at home and have seen hundreds in our farm kittens' mouths as well as the thousands I have seen dead on the road.

    It is also important to note that I have seen hundreds of nests on top of towers, hundreds of Parakeets in the Chicago land area that nest whole families in their cool apartment nests and even a few eagles on towers.

    I know the intent is to eliminate how birds are effected by radio towers, it is my professional opinion that the towers have done the birds more good than bad. Of course, I am a tower professional, so that would be the expected response according to a non tower-pro.

    To explain my view I am also a bird watcher, I spend hundreds of dollars to feed the birds in my back yard, I utilize and maintain Martin boxes, I have crafted and installed wood duck nests (and others) in and around my home and my home-made fishing pond (that has successfully housed and bred wood ducklings)as well as other types of wildlife. Just today I was on a 320' guy tower with two hawks buzzing the tower, I did take the time to look around, there were many birds in the tree tops, I also took the time to walk the property with my son; we saw no evidence of dead birds. This particular tower is a H-Guyed which means there are two towers side by side & 24 sets of guy wires. My intent in theses stories is to prove that I would honestly say that towers were a problem if they actually were. Unless someone can prove that a particular tower in a particular area has killed birds at a very high rate I think we are wasting time and energy that can be used on some other more serious issues like illegal dumping.

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