Broadcast Candles (Antennas) are designed to be unsafe or just poorly designed

Discussion in 'Safety - General Safety Issues' started by Richard Evans, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Richard Evans

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    I was working at night to replace the flash tube in the aol on top a candle on a local 1200' tower. I'm not sure of the candle height, either 80' to 100'. I noticed the lack of places to put a back lanyard to stay 100% tied off and there was no way around it. I have come to the conclusion they are poorly designed to be climbed and remain 100% tied off.
  2. Kevin  Payne

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    Doesn't make sense to me either. You have safety climbs up the length of the tower, usually with a safe climbing area. But as soon as you have to climb the most dangerous part of the climb, crappy ladders or step bolts, in some cases fiberglass steps, or even no actual climbing devices at all, and best yet mostly at night there is nothing to allow a 100% hook in climb. We all should just flat out refuse to climb them!!!!!
  3. Mike Rowlands

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    That may be one for N.A.T.E. to champion. They work closely with OSHA on several issues.
    If the FCC, who dictates lighting requirements for structures, lays on one little line regarding personnel access to the lights in their legislation, it could make the entire industry a little safer for riggers.
    As one who has been there, done that, I couldn't agree more!

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