Broadcaster's memory is short as he longs for cheap rent

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    I worked with a religious broadcast pastor out of California for 10 years on his FM broadcast expansion which included my tower. An initial contract was submitted to him, with rental at $600/month for a 400-watt ERP FM broadcast station at only 45-feet on the tower. At the last minute I finally got a call for a new contract, as they never signed the old one from 10 years ago, but now they were going to run 7,000-watts ERP (the most powerful station in the area) and needed to be up at the 120-foot level of the tower !!! All of this was never communicated with me, though I kept writing emails periodically and got a few replys, mostly that they were still waiting for FCC approvals. Then at the last minute I put a new contract together at $1,600/month and they about fell over !!! They went to my new competitor at the site and signed a new lease with them without even coming back to ask us to meet or beat the new offer !!! This sure taught me a lesson about letting somebody use my tower to anchor their FCC broadcast paperwork at no charge, then get kicked aside because they wanted cheap rent even though they were going to need room for 4-bays of FM antenna instead of the original 2, 4 rack spaces instead of 1, roughly three times the height on the tower AGL, and upgrade the Edison power from the provided 60-amp to 100-amp wiring. Sheesh, I was really hurt because I just have this one site, and we are a small Mom & Pop operation. Ed Tipler, P.E. Kitchen Productions, dba: Tortoise Communications, Ridgecrest, Ca. (out in the Mojave Desert). Jun 22 2005 005:06 PM

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