Can you add non-emergency clinics information?

Discussion in 'Suggestions, Problems and Form Library Requests' started by Jimmy Colbert, May 7, 2012.

  1. Jimmy Colbert

    Jimmy Colbert Industry Observer

    It would be great if you could provide non-emergency clinics to be automatically added like your hospital information is. It would really be a time saver for us.
  2. Wireless Estimator

    Wireless Estimator Administrator Staff Member

    Unfortunately, there isn't a national database available that provides accurate information for urgent care clinics.

    In addition, many companies require that their employees use the clinics provided by their health care provider if one is located in close proximity to the job site.

    However, there are form fields in the Emergency Services Locator and the JHAs where you can add the non-emergency care clinic information if you have it available.

    Urgent care is for conditions that require prompt attention but do not pose an immediate, serious threat to a worker's health or life. Examples include a sprained ankle or a laceration that might require stitches.

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