Capstan hoist training and certification

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  1. uriasa

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    I was recently told that in order to operate a capstan hoist you must be trained and certified. if this is true is there a company that provides it? I looked at the manufacturer's web site and can't find anything, AB Chance (Hubble).
  2. Kevin Hoover

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    Leading Edge Tower Services is a new company that is offering this training. We have been looking into the same training at our company. I have spoken with Jeff Johnson.
  3. Jeremy

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    All we did was take the Hubbel booklet and create a power point and hands on training portion. It was not very difficult as most of the "common practice" is covered by one or the other. AB Chance had no input into the How, What, or Why however the basics are all covered in their manual and roll nicely with a rigging program.
  4. Steven Phillips

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    SafetyLMS has a classroom and a Online Certification. Go to it is a good course.
  5. Safety One

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    We also provide this training.

    Kevin R. Carter
    Director of Business Development

    Safety One Training International, Inc.
    303-734-0772 Office
    303-589-0433 Cell
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    The happy colored tower ropes are identified, rated & to sold to us all & used for overhead hoisting with a 10 to 1 safety factor. Hence, if anyone has a new 7/16" rope with a WLL of less than 9,000lbs & they are cathead hoisting a sector mount assy of a 1,500lbs, they are disobeying what they profess as safe lifting. Rope only has that WLL rating when it is paid for & not when you go to use it. After that rope purchase day, you must down rate the rope break strength safety factor.

    Or if someone is using & hoisting with a larger diameter 1/2" rope (9,500lbs breaking new) they wont be smiling with rope pride for long. Plus add the weight of a tag line rope plus the weight of a tag line pulling the sector mount out & away from the tower of an estimated addtl 500lbs.

    It is not my job to train or tell anybody else except my own employees how or what to rig with, and you can chose to ignore what the rope & rigging manufacturers have printed in black & white .

    BTW, I see photos & read about antenna crews hoisting 1000+lb sector mounts utilizing an electric rope hoist that is clearly rated by the manufacturer at a "maximum" WLL of 1,000lbs. Teach all of worker bees to read & know overhead lifting WLL ratings / safety factors.

    I cant recall ever snapping/ breaking one of our hoisting ropes or steel winch line cables...
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