Carrier relations edging towards all time low

Discussion in 'Managing Projects and Business Issues' started by Dinah Sheridan, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Dinah Sheridan

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    As much as this sounds like a problem with the telecom industry, I believe these problems are in many industries. Yes, we've been around for years, but the industry didn't really expand until the early cell phone days in the early eighties. It's starting to mature and there's a good chance that it will get better.

    If you think we have problems, try the wind generation industry. They are back where we were in the eighties and are still trying to figure it out. But one thing that is quite well known, the margins are a heck of a lot better for them.
  2. J.T. Karners

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    It seems that working with carriers becomes more and more difficult. Do they not understand that the majority of a construction company's nut is payroll? It seems that they could care less that we must pay our workers and reimburse them for their expenses every two weeks. It's almost standard for them to have a minimum of 45 to 60 days for payment from the date when the invoice is received. Plus they'll hold you off for weeks with documentation before you can even send in your invoice. Plus they back you in a corner regarding payment if you don't do little job site favors instead of it being done on a change order.

    My intent isn't to promote carrier bashing, an easy task, but I would like to know if any other companies are able to work with them on some sort of professional level that at the end of the project there is a good feeling of accomplishment on both sides and not a desire to rip their eyeteeth out.
  3. Marc LeClair

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    I have known of instances where carrier PMs have flat out said that they wanted the contractor to complete some work on the site that was well outside the scope of the project. And if it wasn't done they they were not going to get paid for work that they had previously completed and would have to wait forever for their payments.

    Then they go running to their boss so proud of how they saved the company money.

    If their supervisor had any business sense whatsoever he would frown upon this unfair manipulation in a business that requires greater contractor/carrier relations at a time when good companies are hard to find.

    Decent margins...especially in UMTS work...have gone in the toilet; how can a contractor possibly survive in this environment? They can't.

    They'll end up...not trying...but having to cut corners. Then everybody loses.

    I know that I haven't answered your question, but I believe a lot of the problem comes from the carrier hiring young and inexperienced people because they will not pay a PM...a capable one...a decent salary so that both parties would benefit.

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