Cell site power backup systems need improvement

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    The FCC will issue a report of what happened to cell communications due to Hurricane Irene and we probably know what it will say. Cell site coverage went down in many areas because there was no power to run the sites.

    Until sites quit becoming energy hogs, it will continue to happen.

    Some of the options are:
    - Low power base stations with a solar array with deep-cycle batteries that will last for several days
    - antenna embedded radio systems to reduce energy consumption

    We're always going to be having problems with sites going down after the backup capacity is drained and fuel resupply can't be accomplished.

    OPEX and CAPEX are the drivers and just like we saw the hernia causing AMPS bag phone evolve into today's eight ounce marvels, we'll see power consumption greatly reduced where typical backup systems will be able to provide a week or two of auxiliary power, if not indefinitely.

    New radio systems can reduce power by 50 to 60% and the per kilowatt cost for photovoltaics is being driven lower and lower by mass production - possibly making gen sets a costly alternative.

    It's just a matter of time, but hopefully it won't be challenged by too many catastrophic events before affordable and sustainable backup systems are in place.

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