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  1. victoria cherie

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    My name is Victoria. I am a newspaper reporter following up on a story we wrote about Anthony Wayne Furr, who was shot by a Charlotte police officer while doing maintenance on a cell tower. i'm trying to talk to folks in the industry who could tell me in general about the dangers of this kind of work; what exactly the work entails, the kind of training these workers get. I'm also wondering if there's a union or an advocacy group for these workers?
    Any help you can offer is most appreciated as I am working on deadline. I can be reached at vcherrie@charlotteobserver.com or 704-786-2185 or 704-621-0019.
  2. Marc LeClair

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    There is really only one advocacy group, the National Association of Tower erectors (NATE) www.natehome.com . Talk to Patrick Howy. He's their director. There are no unions representing this industry although there are a few union contractors. For safety contact Wilton Wilcox at Comtrain. www.comtrainusa.com . Another one who is very active in tower safety is Dave Anthony of Shenandoah Tower www.shenandoahtower.com . Hope this helps.
    It will be very interesting to see what the police chief's findings are regarding Mr. Furr's death.
  3. Jerome Levy

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    John Hettish is also pretty knowledgeable about safety and the industry - 615-418-7011 . Also the people that run Wireless Estimaotor can probably help you out. They are pretty much on top of what is happening in the industry. I'm sure that you'll find out that deadline pressures in the newspaper business ends in a sometimes poorly written story. The pressures of deadlines on tower workers can end in death.
  4. victoria cherie

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    thank you.
    do you know who to speak to at the wireless.com site? also, i will have to work on this on saturday. any after hours numbers are helpful too.
    i appreciate it. hopefully i'll be able to shed some light on this.
  5. Wireless Estimator

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    Please email me at craiglekutis@wirelessestimator.com and I will be pleased to answer your questions if I can.
    Craig Lekutis
  6. Chas  Wagner

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    I know very little about the story but have one question. The majority of these sites are alarmed and monitored, right? Was Mr. Furr logged into a NOCC and the officer acting on suspicion when passing by or Was the officer responding to a call from a NOCC.
    I have seen occurrences where the site monitoring is not what it should have been and authorities were dispatched with no real cause for alarm. Seems an officer responding to a call from the NOCC or "owner" from his point of view would have greater suspicion when confronting a stranger at a site than one just passing by.

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