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Discussion in 'Technical Discussions' started by dan wilson, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. dan  wilson

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    Does anyone know where i can find or what software works to set cellmax RET motors? I am using RFS twin AWS TMA's aisg port and then into the cellmax RET motor.

    Any help or advice is needed thank you

  2. Steve Jones

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    I'm having the exact same issue. We couldn't see any of the components with both brands hooked up, but as soon as we unhooked the Cellmax, the RFS popped up on our screen. I'm researching it now and will send another post if I find anything. If you could please do the same, I'd appreciate it.


  3. Steve Jones

    Steve Jones Friend of the Community

    I spoke to reps at Cellmax a while back. They said they performed compatability testing with Andrew and RFS control modules and had no problems. As long as the laptop you are using has the latest software version loaded, you should be able to see all components and set the RETs. We tried this and have had sporadic success with both Andrew and RFS modules. Some configurations are fussy, forcing you to bypass a component or disconnect/reconnect to get it to see everything. Recommend sending crew out with both types of modules in case one is finicky.

    With one carrier's Antenna/TMA configuration, you cannot have the PCS TMA in the RET loop. The UMTS side controls both, so in most cases, you want to chain your cables from the UMTS TMA to the UMTS Antenna, then to the PCS Antenna. The most confusing configuration is the use of diplexer TMAs up top. In this case, cable up the MAIN UMTS TMA and leave the secondary out of the loop.

    Hope this helps more than one person out there. Please let me know if I've steered anyone wrong here.

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