Chances are a miracle is not going to save your life in an accident. But 100% fall protection will

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    Along with the rest of all of you who are concerned by all of the recent falling climbers, I hope by providing a couple of my personal experiences that you and your coworkers will be more prone to climb with 100% fall protection.

    I am not certain if I would want to be the ?faller? again or watch the falling again since both were so horrific. I had fallen 80' from a self-supporter I was stacking with my dad and sister using a gin pole in 1976. During the actual time of my fall, rolling upside down and over, screaming all the way to the deck, I was more afraid of where I was than of falling since I did not know where I was during the fall.

    The falling was harmless compared to landing next to an ambulance on the driveway of a hospital?s ER door.

    When I came to there was more screaming going on around me that I care to remember, besides seeing the terror in my family's eyes as I lay there trying to breathe. No place to be, nor fair to put someone else through.

    I also was involved in watching both my younger brother and Dwight fall from 200' while on the outside of a wide self-supporter while I was standing directly under them on the ground. It was very automatic to put my arms out to hope to catch them both from hitting the ground.

    It was a horrific sight for me and painful for them to crash and roll down along the outside of the tower until their lanyards and legs/arms tangled them up in the tower?s diagonals and they slid down into the corners. I tell these stories to you so that you can see it in your mind?s eye and decide if you want to be part of an accident scene like this

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