Check painter's capabilities and Insurance

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  1. Glen Tenier

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    It will get even worse in the industry since certain sectors are slow and companies are trying to keep their people busy. People are bidding projects that they never would have considered in the past. Painting can be very lucrative if you are a gypsy. If you do it correctly and safely, there is a profit in it, but why shouldn't there be? Owners unfortunately are blinded by this fact and can only see the low pricing that will make them and their budgets look good.
  2. Marc LeClair

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    Over the years I've had numerous problems with painters. What I've found was that they talk a good show, but can't provide a professional paint job. It seems like every body and his brother claims that they can do an excellent job. They grab a paint mitt, attach a bucket to their belt and they are instant professionals. Granted, when they're done the tower looks super, but within a couple of years flaking begins and we were stuck with it. Try to get them to come back. Sometimes try to see if they are still in business. Unfortunately, our company's PM's are partially to blame because their primary criteria was $$$$$. From now on we insist that we get references and do a thorough check on the company by contacting there former customers. We also do an insurance would be suprised as to how many of them are using coverage that only applies to residential homes, not commercial towers.

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