Climber hangs upside down for three hours

Discussion in 'Climbing Towers' started by Kelly Calders, Nov 22, 2011.

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    I know you folks aren't fond of ham radio articles, but maybe there's some wiggle room here.

    I'm thrilled that this Texas contractor didn't get injured and he certainly could have and possibly died, as a lot of hams have done over the years, but I'm still laughing at this picture from the Athens Daily Review.

    A gin pole? Don't really see one. A safety belt? Don't really see one either unless it's a tree climber's belt.

    But you've got to give his buddy credit who climbed up there and tied him up so well he must be employed as a butcher.

    I recall a couple of articles you've had where trained crew members didn't climb a tower to help rescue a co-worker. Hats off to his friend!

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