Climber rescued from TV tower

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    November 19, 2012
    Climber rescued from TV Tower
    A TV broadcast tower in Dayton, Ohio, was recently the site of high drama. A harness saved the life of a maintenance worker who had fallen unconscious while at 600 feet up the 1,000-foot structure, Montgomery County Sheriff’s office told AGL Bulletin.
    Even after gaining consciousness, the man was immobilized and could not make it down under his own power. Two fellow tower climbers engaged in a high-angle rescue, which took two hours to bring the man down to waiting paramedics who treated him for a seizure. He was then transported to Miami Valley Hospital. His condition was not disclosed.
    The crew was working on a tower owned by Think TV, a PBS affiliate on Channel 16.
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    I think this happened a month or so ago and he is ok, or is this a new one?

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