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  1. BridgetteHester

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    Hubble Foundation, the non-profit for The Telecommunications Industry is currently conducting academic research on the climbers' perceptions of their fall risk.

    The proposed study will evaluate telecommunication technician perception of safety as a result of proper climbing equipment utilized in job completion, the use of climbing equipment as a function of a climber’s perception of fall risk, the mental health and personality characteristics of climbers, and the technician’s perception of the contracting/subcontracting paradigm as a function of technician safety. Identifying technician perceptions and realities of the workplace environment could potentially enhance climber safety, fall prevention, industry policies, technician training, and public safety in the workplace.
    If you would like to participate in this research please contact Dr. Bridgette Hester at Hubble Foundation by email at or by clicking the link below to complete the survey.

    In order to be eligible to participate in the research you must:
    1. Read the attached Consent form and agree to the form at the end of the online survey.
    2. Be at least 18 years old.
    3. Be an active climber in the industry, or have been an active climber in the past five years (40 Hours a week).


    Thank You,
    Dr. Hester
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  2. Tired Tech

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    I think if you want a man woman - to take time out of his / her life to answer your questions - you ought to compensate them for their time.
    At least offer them a free meal someplace or $20.00
  3. BridgetteHester

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    I didn't get federal funding so it's coming out of my own pocket. Right now that's not feasible at least for this study. Future studies however will have some sort of minimal compensation.
  4. Tired Tech

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    Do you think that if you find anything that can be changed to make the tower climbing industry better that it will make any difference?

    4G build out is being done at the cost of human lives, not just dollars and cents.
    Schedules are so tight, if you make a mistake, you can't go back and fix it.

    I have friends that quit climbing because they had jobs that they had done months ago that they were not paid for, because a mistake was found and mistakes were deducted from their pay before they were paid.

    With some of these tower companies paying $11 a hour for welders, how much do you think a general climber is paid? If that man has a family to feed and is owed several hundred dollars from each job and they make a mistake on 4 jobs a year, how many times would you go to work and not be paid before you would stop going to work anymore.

    When a person gets hurt, it is usually swept under the rug and the climber becomes persona non grata and is quickly forgotten.
  5. Phillip Hutcheson

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    @ Tired Tech... As your name implies, perhaps you should think about retiring from this industry instead of trying to attack someone who is trying to make a difference.

    It is quite obvious from your response on this forum that you are trolling and not showing Dr. Hester the respect she deserves for being first off an empathetic HUMAN BEING who sees an issue with the way safety is left as the secondary thought on most tower sites and secondly is helping to try to bring closure in some ways to all the families who have lost a father, brother, uncle, son, nephew, etc. in this industry.

    I will implore you to think beyond yourself and your personal situation and look at the bigger picture. YES safety gets swept under the rug when the push comes and YES tower climbers are underpaid.

    That is why I stopped climbing and CHOSE to learn how I could make a difference. So I challenge you... What are you doing to help make a difference???

    This is completely coming from a place of passion and desire for change so if you take that as a personal attack then the ball is in your court.
  6. Marc LeClair

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    If everyone asked for compensation before they assisted in furthering industry safety we wouldn't have NATE, climber standards, 222G or everything else that has preceded Dr. Hester's survey. The what's in it for me attitude isn't what makes this industry great, it's the what can I contribute that will save a life which will make a difference.

    Is it me or are others getting tired of the bumper sticker slogan "we put our lives on the line so that you can have your cell phone" mentality?

    There's no need to put yourself in a precarious situation. Period!

    Airline pilots have a higher fatality rate than ironworkers or other dangerous occupations, but I've never seen them wear a t-shirt with "We die so that you can fly!"

    The comment about workers having money deducted from their pay almost sounds like they were uninsured 1099 employees working for two men and a truck. If they worked for a legitimate company it would be illegal to deduct anything from their paycheck for errors made while on the job. If they were a subcontractor then why shouldn't they have money deducted from their contract if they didn't do the job correctly?

    I don't climb any more so I can't take the survey, but I urge those of you that can to do it...and walk proud knowing that you've contributed to making our industry safer and the time you took out of your life could possibly help to save a life. Forum posts are fleeting expressions, deeds last forever.

    Tired Tech, there is no such animal as a free lunch in this industry or anywhere else. Don't ask the question can Dr. Hester make a difference. Ask yourself if you're willing to help to make a difference.
  7. KLB Welding

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    I'd love to participate and would need no compensation but have yet to find the link on what I am supposed to fill out. :)

    At Dr. Hester, I find it very commendable what you are doing.

    At Tired Tech,

    $11.00 an hour for a welder!!! Holy mother of God!! No wonder I've seen the welds I have on some of these towers!

    You couldn't get me out of my lazy boy for that kind of money! All the prints I've seen have said, "Experienced welders only". For that kind of money you're not getting an experienced welder and if you are he's been run off from every other place he screwed stuff up at.

    Poor stupid idiots could weld in a shop for that and better.

    This job compared to others, such as crab fishing up in Alaska and it may not be the most dangerous job but look at it like this. A guy jumping on a boat in Alaska will make how much in a few months? $10k? $20? More? Do tower work for a year in all sorts of weather on all sorts of jack legged towers and make $30-40 and be gone from home most of the year? Think I'll take the boat in the Bering Straight!

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