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    I am compelled to comment about the photo of the worker hanging under a T-boom. I recognize that the method shown is not the safest method of accessing the antenna. Years ago I did the same thing but with a safety tied back to the pole itself. Years before that (prior to the advent of full body harnesses) I sat in my Klein lineman's belt under the boom and worked on the antenna. I didn't like it but we didn't know any better either.
    We have complained for years to customers about these unsafe booms but almost without exception they look at the price of that boom vs. a full platform. Some customers heed our advice and buy a better and safer antenna platform. Many more do not. It's all about the bottom line. They all will tell you to work safe and don't have accidents. But what they really mean is "Don't have an accident on My Tower!"

    Our guys (and myself) know how to work safely on these booms and we always hang a safety rope back to the tower but we still have to hang under the boom and do the work. Often times a crane and basket it out of the question due to location or other issues. And more often than not it is because the customer will simply not pay for it. So what do you do? You find a way to gitterdone. That's what tower guys do. That's what the customer expects.

    A better solution would be to somehow persuade the customers to not buy this type of boom. But as long as they are available then they will buy them and expect us to work on them. And we will. And sadly.............there will continue to be accidents.

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