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Discussion in 'Climbing Towers' started by Tower Hand, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Tower Hand

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    Is it right to climb and work on a de-icer system at 1,100 feet alone?
  2. Steve Jones

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  3. Kevin Hoover

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    Absolutely not, and it is unfortunate that people are still requesting tower workers to put themselves at risk like that. And they often want it done at night, and during the winter.
  4. Towerjim

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    Who would rescue you????? Work with or for a contractor who only sends climbers out in pairs with a rescue plan and appropriate equipment!!!!!
  5. Trooper472

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    No Rescue.. you just sit up there and die, alone and slowly. As long as your work is complete, noone will come looking for you
  6. jamesNC

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    Umm, anyone knows that's a NO NO and NO, that's not safe, even if you have been doing this for 50 years and think you are the best if you fall even if it's 6 feet and get hurt real bad. If you are by yourself, now if someone knows you are there and you keep in touch with them like every 30 minutes, then maybe, but really nope, but at least you asked.
  7. Trooper472

    Trooper472 Friend of the Community

    Back in the day for the government, we did that several times, one time I carried a spare radio battery investagting an FAA alarm 500'. Both batts died. I repaired my issue ,finished my inspection after a couple hours no one showed or called. I hit the ground, noone even realized I was out of contact for that long while climbing, and 10 different people knew I went up.

    Just goes to show you the best intentions do not replace someone acutally being there onsite for the what ifs. These days I would never do that, but this was the time when we replaced antennas by ourselves, hung them off our belts, and noone ever saw a 110' monopole.

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