Coax mounting bands

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  1. Jason Fortier

    Jason Fortier Industry Observer

    If any thing, Commscope is going to help them to get a larger market share. Although there are lots of patents out there and Andrew holds quite a few of them, with a twitch here and there, other manufacturers circumvent the patent.
    It's not like the drug industry...there is no blockbuster patent that allows companies to run for years being the only kid on the hanger block.
  2. pat barr

    pat barr Friend of the Community

    I believe they have a patent pending. It is a hybrid of the old expansion bracket designed for the interior of water tank access tubes. The different sizes resulted in a production of many sizes and the introduction of a one size fits all concept has been discussed for years. Kudos to Andrew for coming up with a design.
  3. Dave Swainger

    Dave Swainger Industry Observer

    Andrew has some pretty neat products. I hope that Commscope doesn't keep them from developing new ones now that they acquired Andrew. I don't think that will happen since Commscope doesn't have any of those accessories and it appear natural that they would want to be a full service provider.
  4. Andy "Skooter" Elliot

    Andy "Skooter" Elliot Industry Observer

    We have used Andrews coax mounting bands for the inside of a monopole. They were quicker than cow slobber to install. Its great to see that manufacturers are developing products that make our lives a little easier. They must have a patent on it since I don't see any other manufacturers starting to put one together.

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