Cold weather glove tricks.

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  1. Kevin Reski

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    Our guys wear the thin & inexpensive gloves underneath the heavier/larger sized leather gloves. You can normally buy the super thin white colored or silvery colored gloves at most hardware or sporting good stores. We jokingly call the silvery thin gloves our Michael Jackson gloves. I have even found the cheap inexpensive white cloth gloves at the "flea market" in Mesa AZ for 10 pair for a dollar! (stock up man)
    Nothing beats a new dry pair of thin dry gloves stashed inside your insulated overalls when you are certain you can't take the cold another hour.
  2. Wireless Estimator

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    RefrigiWear seems to have a lock on cold weather gear and information, , although you can oftentimes find equally as good gloves and mittens at mountain climber or ice fishing suppliers, or as Kevin says, flea markets. RefrigiWear sells gloves with a separate thin inner liner so you can remove your outer gloves for short periods of time to handle those 3/8? and smaller nuts, bolts and washers. They also have a convertible mitt that easily converts from a full coverage mitten to open fingers. With a Velcro tie-back for easy conversion, it makes writing easier as well as allowing you to hit the right keys on your cell phone or test equipment. Climbing can be tough on a good pair of gloves, but Kevlar thumb crotch and finger pads can help; of course, like everything else, these cold weather climbing Cadillacs come at a price. Some of their clothing and gloves have a comfort rating from 15-degrees F. to -100-degrees F.
  3. Sethro

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    I agree with both of you guys.
    I'll use a thin liner (fleece or Michael Jackson) and then an outer glove. Usually the Refrigewear gloves. I've found they give me the best dexterity for a bigger glove. I've used that setup for climbing in temperatures down to -45.
    For temperatures not quite as cold, I use a liner underneath a pair of gloves called Blackhawks. I'm not sure who makes them. They are made out of deer skin. I buy them at a local hardware store in AK. I'll wear these gloves in temperatures from +30 to about -10.
    Both of these outer gloves hold up pretty good for handling rope and frosty steel. I'm sure there are "better" gloves out there for extreme cold, but you'll be paying over for it.
    Another trick I've learned over the years is to take an old pair of socks and cut the ends off as well as a hole for your thumb. Wear these on your hands/wrists/arms, slide them on before you put your gloves on. Good wind protection for your wrist area.
  4. Sethro

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  5. Brad Wegener

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    A little pricy but Under Armor liner gloves. Then find a local hardware and get coldweather deer skin gloves, great for climbing and slipping off to use finger tips for those 3/8" hardware. And remember. don't throw washer, lock, and nut in mouth when its -20 below. Just saying
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  6. Sethro

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    Acclimate your hands. Go outside without your gloves. Let them get as cold as you can stand, then go back inside and warm them up. Repeat at least 2 or 3 times. Put your gloves on and go to work.
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  7. TowerMan5000

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    Fast Fit mechanix gloves do the trick as well when used underneath heavier gloves and they only cost around 15 bucks, I use them year round and in the cold I put my Carharts on over the top of them
  8. robert santiago

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    I've found that not only extra dry gloves in a grunt bag with a couple of hand warmers will make the day go by easier, surgical gloves-a nice pair of thick cotton-and open finger wool mitten's keep you dry and warm. Layers--cotton socks to keep feet dry and wool socks over for heat-boots rated -40 1200 grams 0r better (good stuff) thermal underwear fleece fullbody , thick cotton turtle neck-hoody carharts face mask wool hat. keep a torch to heat up hand tools for a sec or two-make a difference taking the bite of the steel. Rule of thumb--cotton under wool

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