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  1. Clifford Bryan

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    Experience has proven that color selection (many times dictated by existing conditions / building colors) can dramatically effect the maintenance required on concealment materials.

    Many of the RF Transparent panels chosen to be utilized as enclosure panels to hide antennas and the like on rooftops of buildings are slowly tearing themselves apart. One factor that may cause long term damage to your site is the color that the panels are painted or coated. These panels expand and contract with heat and cold. By coating the panels in dark colors such as black, the heat absorbed becomes much greater, and thus increases the exposure to potential damage. By using light colors when making coating selection, you can help minimize the heat transfer, and reduce the expansion of such products.

    Also, keep in mind the temperature at the time hardware is installed. If it is very cold at the time of installation, you can be sure these panels will expand, having too much torque on the attachment hardware might cause it to pull through come warmer weather.

    Talk in detail with the panel manufacturer prior to beginning a concealment project, make sure you follow their recommendations for installing based on the temperature, color, etc.

    Clifford E. Bryan
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    Excellent points Clifford. A perfect example is in S.D. where you can see a 40 degree change in 24 hours.

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