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    When a 6'5" tower tech was lowered to the bottom of a 760' tower he reportedly was lucid and able to walk on his own before he was transported to a hospital after suffering severe dehydration and possibly heat stroke.

    But by all accounts he could have easily died if fire department rescuers did not reach him, hydrate him and bring him down in time.
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    Wireless Estimator would like to hear your constructive comments regarding how this could have been avoided.

    Another area of consideration is: Could a crew from tower-crew-rich Texas been called in to perform the rescue or is it best to leave it to firefighters who are typically well-trained and physically fit?

    With most of the nation's states having blazing temperatures, it's important to focus upon worker safety and ensure that this incident isn't repeated.

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    These were volunteer firefighters and they were able to climb 750' with 1500' of rope and rescue the guy. My hat is off to them. I don't know if the article has all of the facts right, but it appears that there were another three men on the site and one tried to reach his co-worker, but couldn't climb up all the way. What happened to the other two people???

    Aren't there supposed to be two rescue trained workers on the job?
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    After reading the story I wondered why the other climbers didn't climb and take some waters and rescue equipment up. 750' is only an hour climb maybe 1.5 hours taking your sweet time.

    Waiting 19 hours for an outside agency to save a crew member is just crazy.
    Glad I don't work for that company and feel sorry for those that do.

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