Concealed Towers, an Eyesore or a thing of beauty?

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    What is the opinion on these types of towers out there in the industry? I have heard and read that the public thinks that these towers sometimes tend to attract more animosity than relief from having a plain pole out in the "Back Yard".

    Do you think that by putting up concealed towers the public is minimizing the visual effect in a town site? I can understand the flagpole type pole, but when it comes to trees, what is considered a good looking "tree pole"? Is it the number of branches? The quality and aspect of the branch? The color of the foliage/branch/pole?

    It?s great to have a forum where we can have discussions concerning these type of items, also discussions concerning structural on these type of towers.

    I?d like to hear your opinions about disguising towers, which in my personal opinion, is gaining strength in the public.

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