Contract to include geotech report...Biddable?

Discussion in 'Civil Related Discussions' started by Darrin McLeod, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. Darrin McLeod

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    Should a geotech report be handled separately from a tower design/construct contract (as in a separate phase of the project)? In the interest of time and simplicity the owner envisions a contract for a new tower to include everything including the geotech report, foundation design, construction, etc. Would such a contract be generally biddable or considered too risky by the tower furnishing/erecting community? Maybe high bids would reflect that risk? I suppose anticipated conditions could be stated up-front. Any thoughts, suggestions, experiences?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Wireless Estimator

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    If a company is going to engineer, furnish and install a communications tower, it?s imperative that the geotechnical report be provided so that the foundation pricing can be based upon actual conditions. Without this soils information the foundation size and pricing could vary considerably. Some tower EF&I contracts might see the foundation cost representing up to 40% of the project. Tower steel and installation prices can be easily identified based upon the proposed loading; you can?t afford to guesstimate the foundation cost. And if you do, the proposed amount is going to be high. Some general information about soil borings and their cost can be found at:
  3. John Sandford

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    I just love it when you see a raw land bid package without borings. It takes months and months before there is agreement that they can build the site, so it is not like they were pressed for time. Then the carrier's PM says he's under pressure because it took months and months, so he is going to release it without the borings and you should bid it upon what you think are normal conditions for the site and they will adjust it later. If you're not in tight with the PM then there is a chance that you'll find it hard to increase your pricing if the conditions warrant it. And if you're tight, you have the opportunity to receive a nice increase through the good old boy pricing matrix.

    Here's a hint to the carriers: If you have a heavily loaded monopole or self supporting tower that will probably require drilled pier foundations, don't send 20' deep borings. Spend the extra money to go deeper so that an accurate design can be provided without making assumptions.
  4. Robert Reed

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    With over 200+ tower foundations under my belt I strongly suggest that under any circumstance no one bid on any foundation without borings. Without borings the tower design is void. I've turned done alot of work for this reason alone.

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