Copper theft deterrents

Discussion in 'Electrical/Telco/Grounding' started by Jerome Levy, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. Jerome Levy

    Jerome Levy Industry Observer

    I've read where some manufacturers are putting IDs on their buss bars, but I was wondering if any other manufacturers are doing anything more proactive in trying to keep the high rate of thefts down?
  2. Bob Cantwell

    Bob Cantwell Industry Observer Staff Member

    Talley now has a galvanized ground bar that they are selling. I don't know what the electrical properties are, but it's pretty obvious that it's not valuable to a thief.
  3. Blake Bowers

    Blake Bowers Industry Observer

    $1.00 a lb for scrap #1 copper has had quite an impact on our theft problems.

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