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    My office is considering purchasing a 500-foot transmitting tower. I am trying to get a feel for the costs associated with a tower of this height. Can you provide me a price range for a "basic" guyed tower and a free standing tower including installation? Very rough order magnitude is OK as this is for planning purposes only.
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    ?Very rough? is all you?ll ever get, Bill, regarding your pricing request. There are too many variables that will affect the final price that you?ll receive from a tower manufacturer and/or erection contractor. Increased wind loading, wind speed and foundation requirements can double the cost in some instances.

    Tower manufacturers cringe when they get this type of request. But since I?m not a manufacturer I?ll give it a shot?a very rough shot that might land far short of the green.

    A 500? self supporting tower with two-carrier loading could run $275,000 for the structure. The installation could cost another $150,000, totaling $425,000. Add your freight, grounding and taxes and you?ll be inching up towards $500,000 for a bare piece of steel.

    A guyed tower is the obvious answer if you have the property to anchor it. You might see the steel cost $60,000 and the installation at $50,000, with freight, grounding and taxes providing a total of $125,000. But always be prepared to have it cost you more when you prepare your budget.

    Then there are the road, compound, telco, power and other development charges that will be affected by the type of structure that you select. Plus when you are ready to order, the cost of steel might be considerably higher.

    You can get some general prices from Wireless Estimator?s estimating program or get additional information in our Industry Info area.

    As you?re probably aware, ensure that you don?t allow any antennas to extend past the 500? elevation. That would require high intensity lighting that will increase your cost by $30,000 or more.

    And when you?re ready to order the tower, please select one of our valued tower manufacturers:

    Craig Lekutis

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