DBI-Sala Safety Climb Failures

Discussion in 'Breaking and Other News Comments' started by Andy "Skooter" Elliot, Sep 19, 2014.

  1. Andy "Skooter" Elliot

    Andy "Skooter" Elliot Industry Observer

    Let me ask you. How can a climber know whether it's a climbing cable that was put up recently????? You can't so don't use their climbing cable if your not sure.
  2. Towerpro1

    Towerpro1 Friend of the Community

    DBI's products are great. They've been around longer than other safety equipment manufacturers and probably have 100s of thousands of safety climbs around the world that have saved many people. They found out about the problem, fixed it and nobody got hurt. End of story.
  3. Petzl Head

    Petzl Head Friend of the Community

    Why isn't it a recall rather than a warning when they know people could die? Why aren't crews being hired to make sure they're all replaced immediately? Why? 2000 sites X $2,500 = $5 million. That's the real ending of the story.
  4. The Possum

    The Possum Friend of the Community

    I guess the old saying, it is easier to ask forgiveness then to ask permission.
    Cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap - isn't just something that a bird does when it sits on a wire..
    Even if you sue them after you die from falling from their equipment -which you trust, their part of the settlement will be a heck of a lot less than $5 million dollars.
  5. Kelly Calders

    Kelly Calders Frequent Poster

    You can search all over the internet and you won't see anything about this alert. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Why hasn't Capital sent this out to the media and EH&S web sites if they are so concerned about climber safety. Their desire to keep this quiet is an outrage. There are 2000 sites out there that could be being climbed today by climbers who aren't aware of the potential problem. Their answer is go check it out and let us know if you find any. This is not an Easter egg hunt. This is a serious problem that should be investigated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and other regulatory bodies. I don't know if OSHA can exert pressure, but OSHA is promoting 100% tie off. Tie off to what, a defective system?
  6. rclaxton

    rclaxton Friend of the Community

    It's obvious that dead men don't sue but your point is well taken. It's like GM and all of the other companies that weigh the cost to fix a problem versus the amount that they might have to pay if their was an accident or fatality. In this case, now that it has become known that they have a defective product, no matter how much they BS us that it is "limited", if there ever was an accident as a result of their equipment, a jury would probably come back with a settlement far exceeding $5 million as they should. This is pathethic.
  7. rclaxton

    rclaxton Friend of the Community

    You sound like you work for Capital. Get real!!! What part of they haven't fix it can't you understand? If they had found them and tagged them they wouldn't be issuing an alert. Do good companies wait months before they put out an alert?
  8. Proximity

    Proximity Friend of the Community

    It looks like they knew about this many months ago and did nothing about it. Seems like a coverup to me. Did they think it would just go away? For months climbers have been using these faulty safety climbs and they could have been killed if they fell and they didn't hold as designed. They still don't know if they're using an unsafe system.

    Capital wants climbers to do the leg work for them and find out where these systems are. That's like GM knowing that they have faulty air bags and want drivers to pull off their dashboard and see what model number bag that they have before they go to the convenience store.

    The real question is where are the B&V's Bechtel's, Overland's Goodman's and others who are silent on this whole thing?

    In the past some of these guys would have a standdown when there was a fatality. That's not being proactive.

    Why not a standdown to address the issue of the possibility of faulty safety climbs out there whether they are manufactured by DBI Sala or anybody else? Or are they waiting until a fatality happens because of these faulty products and then have the stand down?

    Then there's this national safety group out there that is also silent. Their latest campaign is 100 percent tie off. Okay, so tie off to something that's not going to work and will kill you? Why are they not trying to get the word out?
  9. David Lehrer

    David Lehrer Industry Observer

    I don't think they would have to do a recall if someone was not hurt. So they can come out with this alert and cover themselves. But you don't know if someone did get injured. They said that they had one situation where the climber was on the cable when it pulled out. I'm sorry, but even if he just bruised himself it's an injury. It's laughable that in the story it says "Damro said that Capital Safety is still working to confirm details of each incident." With a safety issue as important as this they havent taken the time in three months to confirm each incident. Ridiculous. This should be investigated.

    If they don't become more agressive in doing their part I would suggest that everybody consider not buying their products again.
  10. Michael gunter

    Michael gunter First Time Poster

    I'm currently working on repairs most site are posted with signage saying faulty safety climb or do not climb. Currently fixed 10 in last 3 days florida, alabama, and headed to Mississippi

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