Dirty Jobs cleans up our image

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  1. Petzl Head

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    Thanks Kevin for the great job you and your guys did on the Mike Rowe show. I was kind of wondering how it might turn out since it was announced and was real glad that it was all a positive spin. Your crew looked very professional.
  2. WeClimbHard

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    I was at the NATE show and have not had a chance to view the program but have heard lots of positive things about it from my co-workers and fellow Tower folks. We are a passionate group of people and all of us appreciate the effort into shining a positive light on our industry. We are hard working family men who build the wireless infrastructure for the world to enjoy. Thanks Mike and Kevin......
  3. Tower PM

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    Does anyone know if there will be a link online so those of us who couldn't watch it will be able to see it?
  4. Climber 1997

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    It was a pretty neat program that made us look good. Rowe has a great sense of humor. There was one guy on the tower crew that really looked like he had been an announcer for years. There are a lot of pirate sites on the net that you can probably download it from, but I would suggest that you be careful. A lot of them require you to download their programs first and I don't trust any of them.

    Amazon does say it has it for $1.99 but you might want to wait until it is repeated again on the Discovery Channel. I'll keep an eye out and post here when I see it so that when it plays again everyone can record it.
  5. The Estimator Webmaster

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    Once Discovery releases more dates or the full episode video we will post updates.
  6. Wireless Estimator

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    Here's the Dirty Jobs Video:
  7. Wireless Estimator

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    When it comes to a fight between Mike Rowe and Mike Rowe -- Mike Rowe ALWAYS wins.

    A non-famous man named Mike Rowe (top, right) -- formerly incarcerated in a South Dakota prison -- filed a lawsuit against THE Mike Rowe from "Dirty Jobs" ... claiming Rowe's use of the name on TV made him the laughing stock of the prison system. TMZ broke the story yesterday.

    In the lawsuit, Rowe (ex-prisoner) bellyached that his life behind bars had become a living hell because of his name -- insisting, "I can't live here in prison without being called Dirty Jobs or ... Dirtiest Man."

    Ex-prisoner Rowe -- who was serving time for a DUI bust -- also claimed he had copyrighted his name to protect it ... and TV Rowe violated it.

    But a judge didn't buy Rowe's case -- a true shocker -- tossing the non-famous Mike Rowe's lawsuit out of court ... because you can't copyright your name.

    TMZ offered its congratulations to Mike Rowe ... and its sympathies to Mike Rowe.

  8. Safety Third

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    The episode was good and all, people finally get to see some of what tower climbers deal with, but did anyone else notice the (at least) four OSHA violations that were shown on national TV?

    I've seen a lot of Dirty Jobs episodes and it never ceases to amaze me how many OSHA violations are committed and shown in the final cuts of these episodes.

    There were at least 2 fall protection violations (one by the owner of the tower company, and one by Mike Rowe at the instruction of the tower crew...yeah, just climb right up on those guy cables...).

    The Gin Pole violations by the tower owner and the lead camera guy were great. How quickly we forget that two tower climbers died last year when they were climbing on the gin pole when the rigging snapped and sent them 320ft to their deaths.

    I guess since OSHA went easy on that company it means we should all go easy on how we react to their deaths (by easy I mean that OSHA cut over $91,000 in fines down to $18,000 AND gave the company involved a money making opportunity to teach others how not to die on a gin pole...very convenient, especially when you consider that one of the company management guys who sent the crew out to a worksite with shoddy equipment in the first place is on the EIA/TIA board for gin pole safety standards).

    Am I alone in thinking that "Crispy" wasn't exactly a great spokesperson for our industry? Didn't he used to date that girl climber from the "Tower Dogs" episode of Dateline? Maybe I'm just confused.

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